Nhance Recruitment is specialized in Headhunting that ideal candidate to match your needs. These would ideally be to fulfil your C level or senior management level hires, where you want to maintain a very high level of secrecy. Nhance recruitment ensures that the client's secrecy is maintained to a very high level. Only once the client is satisfied with the profile of the candidate submitted by Nhance do we disclose to the candidate the company. And only when both parties are happy do we facilitate bringing both parties together to discuss further which could lead to a hire.
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We are specialized in talent acquisition and recruitment for all levels of the company. Nhance Recruitment has ongoing recruitment contracts with reputed clients who are in the local Financial, FMCG, Hospitality, Medical, Construction, Apparel, Legal, Technological and Telecommunication industries. Call us to get your company's recruitment and talent acquisition done by the professionals in a satisfactory manner.
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Job Searching
We will help you Nhance your career by helping you to find the best opportunities available and guide you throughout the process until your job is secured. Our services do not end there, we will continue to support you and guide you through your career by providing career development advice and guidance.
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CV Building
Make a good first impression. For that your CV is very important. Make your CV stand out from the rest, we can help you develop that prefect CV for you.
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